Optimize Gmail Promotions with Visual Tags & Previews

Enhance Email Engagement

Elevate your email marketing strategy with our innovative tool designed to enhance Gmail promotional emails. Google’s recent updates allow marketers to add visually appealing promotional tags, including card image previews and coupon codes, directly in Gmail’s promotions tab. Our tool simplifies this process, providing a user-friendly interface to create, preview, and implement these enhancements effortlessly.

Increased Visibility

Make your promotional emails pop with custom card image previews and attractive coupon codes that stand out in Gmail’s crowded promotions tab.

Perfect Timing

Strategically timed before the deal’s expiration, these tags ensure your offers get the attention they deserve, not just once but twice.

Simple Integration

The tool generates ready-to-use HTML code, making integration into your email campaigns a seamless experience.

Promotional Tag Generator

Before diving into creating your Gmail promotional tags, consider the key message and offer you want to highlight. Our tool is designed to work exclusively on Gmail mobile devices, optimizing your emails for mobile-first viewers. Start by selecting your preferred visual elements and offers, and let our tool handle the rest, ensuring your promotions look great and function perfectly in Gmail’s dynamic environment.



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Copy the following JSON-LD code into the head of the HTML. Then send a test email and see if everything is working as it should.


If you can’t edit your HTML head, copy this JSON code directly into the content of your email.