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The Most In-Depth Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Master GA4 custom reports, create custom events & conversions, set it up on Shopify, WordPress, and much more.

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The Most In-Depth Google Tag Manager (GTM)

With 21 Real Examples For eCommerce Including: FB, GA4, LiN Pixels, Button/Link Clicks, Custom Dimensions and much more.

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5 Must Know Crowdfunding Tactics for Kickstarter & Indiegogo

2023 Edition – Learn the “latest” tactics that most funded Kickstarter campaigns use to raise Millions.

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My expert guidance is tailored to your goals, flexible learning to suit your pace, and real-world insights to unlock your full potential. Transform your career and personal development journey today!

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Google Tag Manager Template

Google Tag Manager Template Unlock the Power of 33 Premade Tags for Instant Import Dive into the world of efficient digital marketing with our Google Tag Manager Template!…

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Landing Page Audit Checklist

Landing Page Audit Checklist With 70 Best Practices For Effective Landing Page Creating a landing page that effectively converts visitors into buyers or contacts can be a challenging…

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