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Our social share link generator simplifies the process of creating customized share links for various social media platforms. It allows your audience to spread your content with just a click. Whether it’s your latest article, email newsletter, or any other content, make it shareable today and watch your engagement grow.

Simplified Sharing

Eliminate the complexity of sharing content on social media, email, or in chats.

Customized Content

Tailor the shared content for each social media platform to fit its unique audience and format.

Enhanced Engagement

Empower your audience to act as brand ambassadors with just one click.

Link Generator

Before diving into generating your social share links, consider the content you want to amplify. Think about the message, images, and call-to-action that will resonate best on each platform. Our tool supports a variety of social media sites, allowing you to tailor your approach and maximize the impact of your shared content. Get ready to transform your readers into sharers and see your online presence soar

  1. Select the social media platforms in the “List of social media” section
  2. Fill in all the necessary fields in the “Content section”.
    Optionally check the “make the link” if you wish to create a clickable link code.
  3. Click on the “create URLs” button below to get your links.
  4. Copy the code in your newsletter, on your website, … from the “Code For Buttons” section.

1. List of Social Media

2. Content

4. Code For Links